Identikey Authentication for Windows – How It Protects Your Corporate Network

Ten or twenty years ago, the only protection a company needed for their corporate network was a simple and traditional username and password. This kept all of their private and sensitive information safe and away from prying eyes. Today, however, security isn’t so simple. Almost anyone can hack into a network if it is protected only by a password, leaving networks unsafe and open to attack.

For this reason, two factor authentication was developed. This type of security protects every device on your network from unauthorised access, significantly reducing the chance of your stored data being stolen or lost.

If your corporate network works with Windows, the best dual factor authentication you can use is known as the Identikey Authentication for Windows. This solutions allows any of your users to log onto their Window’s desktop computer on your network using a one-time generated DIGIPASS password.

How Identikey Authentication Works

Using Identikey Authentication for Windows is easy. It is simply installed on each desktop and laptop that uses Windows, as long as they are connected to your corporate network. This software will then replace the traditional Window’s login window on every computer with a DIGIPASS login. When a user wants to logon to the network, he can then request a one-time use password, which when used will be authenticated by the Identikey server.

So, what happens when a user takes a laptop out of the office and away from the network? Identikey has you covered in this situation as well. Their server provides every computer with unconnected protection for up to thirty days. This means two factor authentication will still be needed to login and access the computer’s stored information even when that computer is not connected to your corporate network.

How does the server generate new passwords when the computer is unconnected? It doesn’t. While the computer is connected, Identikey’s dual factor authentication for Windows puts in a bit of overtime, generating thousands of passwords that are stored in an encrypted and secure database. So, when the user is unconnected, the passwords have already been created and are available to keep the PC secure.

This can be very advantageous, especially if your employees are required to travel or work from home part of the time. As long as they reconnect to your network within thirty days, the DIGIPASS software will still be able to protect your stored information.

Features Available With Identikey’s Authentication Software

This two factor authentication software works with Windows desktops, laptops, servers, and terminal servers that use Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Several features are offered as well, including:

  • Easy installation and integration with the existing Active Directory environment from Microsoft
  • Supports unconnected mode for up to 30 days
  • Works with the Password Synchronisation Module from Vasco to ensure all passwords are correct and up-to-date
  • Keeps your server secure through the randomization of static passwords

If you are looking for the best security solution for your corporate network, dual factor authentication is the answer. Check out the features and solutions available to you through the Identikey Authentication for Windows.