Five Project Management Software Features Essential for Project Collaboration

When you are managing a project, project collaboration is an essential element for success. Without good collaboration, even the simplest project can easily derail. Project management software needs to have tools integrated that facilitate collaboration at every level. With the right tools available, the project manager can enhance collaboration and thus create an environment where a successful project is likely to happen. For some, a web-based project management system may be the best answer.

So, what are the essential features in project management software that will facilitate successful project collaboration?

1. The software app needs to have full email integration. Email is the life blood of many organizations. It is a critical means of communication and generally integrates with calendar programs of all sorts. The project management system needs to provide email reminders and notifications. It should also facilitate sending reports out by email.

2. The software tool needs to offer a social interaction system. Many professionals are very familiar with social interaction websites. The system needs to integrate some features in order to facilitate communication and collaboration. A discussion board is one example of this where project related discussions are integrated completely into the system managing projects.

3. The system should integrate closely with business calendars. Many businesses cannot function without an integrated calendar system. It facilitates meetings on the group level and individual task assignments on the person level. The management system should have the ability to send calendar reminders to team members.

4. A whiteboard option makes project collaboration even easier. Brainstorming among team member is essential for success. Being able to exchange and draw ideas within the software app is a great way to facilitate that collaboration. A whiteboard offers that type of interactive exchange of ideas.

5. Integrated reports make project collaboration simpler. Reports offer team members and stakeholders with critical information on how a project is working and where there might be problems. The right software tool needs to have a robust reporting system for the project team and stakeholders’ benefit.

For many project managers, keeping team members on task and moving forward is the greatest challenge a project presents. Having a good software that helps to break down communication barriers and facilitates team collaboration is a plus for any project manager. A web-based system offers many advantages in this area compared to traditional standalone software versions. You would be doing yourself a favor when you try one out.