How To Repair WldLog DLL Errors On Your Computer – Working Tutorial

Wldlog.dll is a dynamic link library file created by Microsoft and employed by the Windows Live Desktop logging function. This file is necessary for the Windows Live Messenger program and is crucial to its sound performance. The file experiences errors when you attempt to access the program and Windows categorizes it as having been corrupted or misplaced. It’s necessary to fix the issues at the source of the problem with the wldlog.dll file so that you can use the Windows Live Messenger program again.

What Causes WldLog.dll Errors?

The wldlog.dll errors that you are encountering are normally produced because Windows is not able to read the wldlog.dll file correctly. Normally, this is the case when the file has been placed in the wrong location or has become corrputed to the extent that it cannot be processed anymore. Another possible reason for the error is because of a fault with Windows Live Messenger; the application itself could be having issues that are reflected as the wldlog.dll error. When this happens, you will not be able to use the program. You have to fix whatever is causing the problem to stop the error from appearing. Simply follow the steps below to find out how to perform the necessary repairs to your wldlog.dll file.

How To Fix These Errors

The first task is to find the program is responsible for the error appearing, and then to re-install it. If there is more than one program causing the error, then re-install all of them. To do this, select the Start Menu and then open the Control Panel and click Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features for some later Windows versions); you will see a list of names of the programs currently installed in your computer. Among the list, locate the program or programs that are making the error message appear. Click either REMOVE or UNINSTALL to remove this program. Once the program is uninstalled, you can re-install it again using either the CD or by downloading a new installer from the internet.

Finally, you should clean the registry. The registry is a central database that holds sensitive sets of data related to your programs and files. These settings instruct Windows on how to correctly configure your applications and files. Unfortunately, when this database is used frequently it often becomes damaged, and as a result, errors like the wldlog.dll error may surface. However, the registry can be repaired easily, using an automated tool to do the job for you. One of the most recommended products of this type is the Frontline Registry Cleaner, which is the cleaner of choice for most computer technicians. It is an automated tool that will fix and maintain the important data in the registry. It effectively located errors and resolves them.