How To Fix 0x80070057 Errors – Working Fix for 0x80070057 Errors

The 0×80070057 error is a system error associated with Windows Live Messenger mail service and Windows Update. This error could be an indication of an existing problem in your Windows Update, particularly with the Software Distribution folder. It could also be a result of a message stuck in the Outbox of Windows Live Messenger mail that failed to send. To fix this error in your computer, you first need to address the issues that are causing it to arise, which this tutorial would help you do.

What Is This Error?

The 0×80070057 error can be traced to Window’s failure to correctly load the settings that is needed by your computer to connect to the Web to send emails or update Windows. You will find this error surfacing on occasions where you would attempt to send an email message through Windows Live Messenger mail or in cases where you would try to update your computer.

How To Fix This Error

When you have this error in your PC, one of the things that you can do is to fix the appropriate settings in your system. When doing this, you need to first click on Start on your Windows Bar then afterward choose Run. On the blank field that would show next on your screen, type “services.msc,” then click OK to confirm. Afterward, right click on the Automatic Updates option then select Stop. After this, again click on Start followed by Run. Once again a blank box will appear on your screen, in which you should type “%systemroot%,” then afterward click OK to confirm. This command would make your computer direct you to the Windows root folder. A list of folders would be shown next on your screen, in which you should find and right click on the “SoftwareDistribution” folder.

The registry is another cause of the 0x80070057 error. It stores thousands of files and settings, and basically keeps record of almost all activities that happen inside your computer. Windows for its part puts important files that it needs in loading applications in the registry. However, not all data in this sector of your PC is necessary and most are useless. These redundant files serve only to slow your computer down, causing errors to surface, which is why you need to remove them. To do this, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is an application specially designed for this purpose.