WoW Macro Guide – Solutions for Players That Don’t Know How to Make Macros

Are you aware how important WoW macros are for this game? You can’t possibly play your character at maximum without the right macros and a balanced keybinding. That’s why I’ve been looking for a WoW macro guide.

But most of the guides I found were designed to teach LUA programming. That sounds complicated, boring, and sounds like… WORK! I don’t want to learn programming to play a game, do you?

Anyway, I have to tell you a little story that made me look for a WoW macro guide, and also offering you examples of very useful macros here.

Have you played on a PvP server so far? PvP oriented players think something like “every man for himself”. They don’t really want to help you out with anything. If you ask for tips about macros or anything else, they will start trolling on you, give you loads of stupid answers and laugh at you.

Playing on a PvP server, is very hard even to find a mage willing to make you a portal, even if you pay a decent amount of gold. That’s why I had /whisper to every mage I saw, the following message: “Hi. Can you please make me a portal to Dalaran. Paying you 50g. And I’m near you.” This way any mage would know that with only the push of a button, they will cash in 50g.

Since I had to repeat that message about 25 times with no answer, now I wanted a macro for sending a whisper to a targeted player. Of course, I spent 2 more hours finding one and making it work, because it was written wrong on many sites.

Example 1:

The macro looks like this:

/run if UnitExists”target”then SendChatMessage(“TEXT”,”WHISPER”,nil,UnitName”target”)end

Do you see how complicated it is? I could have never come up with it on my own. At least not without some decent programming skills.

Now, to play a character properly, as you probably know already, you need to use macros. And only the easy “/use” macros don’t cut it. You will need more advanced, “sequence” macros. Those can reduce the gameplay of your character to only 2-3 buttons.

Here’s a very useful “sequence” macro that I’ve learned by using a WoW macro guide that simplified my gameplay by a lot:

Example 2:

DK macro solution

/castsequence reset=4 Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence

Ok, this is quite a simple macro, but very effective. It’s designed to allow you apply and spread your diseases more easily, and it saves 2 slots in your quick bar. However, if you want to reduce the gameplay of a DK or of any other class to only 2-3 buttons and play it at maximum at the same time, a simple macro like this isn’t enough.

Here are 2 more easy macro solutions, for other classes:

Eaxmple 3:

Rogue macro solution



/cast sap

This is the sap-spam macro that is indispensable in PvP, especially if your opponents are other rogues or druids.

Example 4:

Druid macro solution

/cast [nostealth]Prowl

/swapactionbar 1 2

Especially if you play feral-DPS, you need this macro for a quickbar swap. Locking on the second bar the abilities that require stealth, it will save you a lot of trouble.

So, I wanted a WoW macro guide to show me exactly what macros to use for my class and spec, not to only teach me how to make macros.