Rift Rogue Souls Guide

There are a total of eight Rift Rogue Souls that you can choose from. You should know the difference between the souls so that you’ll know what to use during a particular situation. This Rift Rogue Souls guide will explain the basics of each soul to help you determine the best combination according to your gameplay.

Assassin gives the Rogue the ability to walk in the shadows. You can stealth through mobs without engaging them in combat. That gives the Assassin Rogue the chance to pick his opponent. But when the Assassin Rogue is caught out of stealth, he would lose his chance for a surprise opener. This first of eight souls is ideal for solo questing and leveling. It can also be used in raids and instances with a group. In PVP, Assassin Rogues can be deadly but is hard to master. Assassin talents can increase critical damage and percentage.

Next in the Souls Guide is the Bard. This soul doesn’t deal a lot of damage or healing but it can still be useful in game. A Bard can cast buffs, help heal the group, and reduce the damage made by the opponents. The Bard is the only support class among the Rift Rogue Souls. This is not useful for solo play but can beneficial in group play.

Blade Dancer is the best burst damagers among Rift Rogue souls. A Blade Dancer has several abilities that increase one’s attributes such as hit chance, dodge, dexterity, damage and a lot more. A Blade Dancer can let loose a bunch of damage in a short period of time but the skills have a long cold time and the rogue has to rely on its survivability instincts to stay alive when solo grinding or questing.

Marksman is the highest damager among Rift Rogue Souls. It is a ranged DPS soul that has several hit-and-run skills. A Marksman Rogue can disarm a target and go back at a safe distance to attack the target. This is an ideal PVP soul.

Ranger is another one of the souls. It lets you summon a pet that can help with the DPS. This is useful in leveling and raid. Ranger’s talents increase damage and critical strike. The soul also provides survivability talents that increases dodge and health points.

Rift Rogue Souls Guide list Riftstalker as the tanking soul for Rogues. It doesn’t beat the tanking abilities of a Warrior but it is better than a Justicar Cleric. This soul gives the Rogue more armor and health points.

Saboteur is the last but definitely not the least among the Rift Rogue Souls. This is perfect if you want to CC targets. You should get this as an off-soul if you like to PVP. Using it as your main soul can make you a big nuisance in PVP battles. You should not use it in PVE or while soloing.

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