Mobile Reporting Has Made Life Easy For Many

Mobile reporting is one of the recent emerging communication forms and a tool in the field of content and news media. The term “mobile reporting” simply refers to the usage of a mobile as a dominant reporting medium or tool. It involves the use of various multimedia options available on a mobile phone right from the camera, messages, calls to the internet and social networking services and apps for the sole purpose of reporting. Thus, any of the photos, messages, videos and other corresponding inbuilt-apps on the phone act as the ideal reporting media, in this case. In fact all these phone options, combine together to produce a perfect multimedia-dependent report project.

First and foremost, the concerned content, irrespective of its form, is edited (on the phone itself). The edited content is then uploaded online with the help of the available internet connection or the mobile network. This popular media tool is majorly used in case of web-publishing. It is, especially, more popular in case of a video, as the phone’s existing technology standards needed for the generation of a high definition video are way below par on many of the latest phones. However, in such a condition, this low stand video version available is still good enough for the internet.

Most of the super-power and the progressing countries around the world are well- equipped with the best and all the latest media communication tools and platforms like the print media, electronic media, news-media, online media and the latest social media. As a result, Mobile reporting, as a medium, is more popular, in under-privileged nations and regions which have a limited accessibility to the other common media forms mentioned above. The prime reason for the same, being the fact that the cost of a mobile phone (along with the concerned network) is much lower when compared to cost incurred on the other traditional reporting equipments. Thus, many of the under-developed regions like Central Asia, Latin and South America as well as the Sub Sahara African region have a major and a strong following and liking for all the various forms of Media reporting.

On the other hand, in many cases, Mobile Reporting also refers to a tool or plan that facilitates the staff,employees, or even the emergency professionals (EMS, fire, police), to access their resources and networks in a precise, timely and risk-free manner with the help of many proprietary and common mobile phones and apps.

Benefits of a Mobile device:

• Can capture and record audio

• Can record, capture and upload photos, video and texts.

• Access to internet connectivity and so also, the mobile network.

• Primary and basic editing options that are much easier to use.

• Easily portable, (can even fit in your pocket)