6 Best Tips To Develop An App For The Android Platform In 2013

A recent report by Gartner states that Android has captured over half of the planet’s smartphone OS market share. Android app development provides an array of endless opportunities to its developers as it has a wide and fragmented user base. The good news is that even the tools of Android app development are getting updated keeping in mind the recent requirements and offering innovation development platforms for its developers.

Let’s take a look at the 6 most vital things to keep in mind while developing an app for Android:

Develop Your Skills: Learn SQL, Eclipse and XML to create visually appealing and highly functional apps for your Android. All three technologies will allow developers to build intuitive apps with storage, productivity and visual features. Developers can fix future issues that may arise with Android apps. Thus developers must keep track of development software of Android apps.

Build For Multiple Screens: Create Android apps by keeping in mind various screen sizes and resolutions. Know all available screen sizes before you start building your app. An app developed for one screen size may not work well in a different screen size thus leading to inconsistent and unsatisfactory user experiences.

Use Latest Version: Developers must keep themselves updated with the latest version of SDK for Android app development. The latest versions can help fix many latent issues like bug fixes, performance related problems, resolutions and so on. In order to create a good app it is necessary to equip it with the most recent features and troubleshooting software for improved user experiences.

Power Consumption: Make sure to design your apps in a way that they consume less power. Whether you develop a free or a paid app make certain to design it for lower power consumption rate than that of computers. Ensure that your app does not kill the phone’s battery life and annoy your users.

Make it Android Compatible: Build an app compatible with Android. Ensure that it can easily work using Android functions like it is easy to install and simple to work with. Android ensures that its app work as per the user requirements. For instance, app must close down when not in use and come back to life when the user taps or clicks back in for navigation. Moreover developers must make sure that your app is compatible with at least top 5 or top 3 versions of Android operating systems in order to deliver viable solutions to its users.

Test your App: Use Monkey to throw a stream of random tests to your app. Or, if you have time let random human users test your app and check for issues that might crop up. This is the most effective way to check for your app usability and appeal. This is the most crucial step before distributing or marketing your app as it a successful app is all about enhanced user appeal and function.

To conclude:

To develop robust and highly functional apps it is imperative for developers to use the most recent and reliable of the software. Remember to build apps for diverse customers and devices without compromising on the development aesthetics.