Shoretel Button Box BB24 Explained Easy

The ShoreTel IP phone BB24 programmable button box provides operators and assistants the presence of the information at a glance and quick access with the functionality of a single button. The 24 buttons can be customized to meet the needs of different users. Self-labeling keys eliminate paper labels, saving time while ensuring accuracy of configuration. This is the only device in the IP market that includes an Ethernet switch and provides PoE power transmission of a downstream device. Up to four devices can be associated with an IP phone. Stresses that the line 24 function keys / PoE Pass-Thru, which is fully programmable (for all models except the IP 115, IP 110 and 8000).

BB24 is designed from the ground to expedite the work of managers and end users alike, integrated unified communications functionality of ShoreTel VoIP phone system transforms the way we work. By integrating the ongoing work with different communication tools such as videoconferencing, instant messaging and online collaboration, it’s brilliantly simple solution helps increase productivity and reduce overall costs. It is simply Designed to harness the power of the Web. Thanks to an ingenious architecture and purpose-built IP, your VoIP phone system is scalable to grow for many different sites, or even continents, as your needs will require in the near or distant future. From ShoreTel Director, a browser-based interface, IT staff can manage the entire IP phone, which is simply an overall plug-and-play unit. Open system can be integrated with existing enterprise applications to get the most out of your valuable assets: people and information.

End users not only get new phones at their desks, they also get a surprisingly simple new way to work with Communicator (formerly called Call Manager), an intuitive application invented to simplify the management of communication. It also doesn’t mean no problem if you are not in the office, the IP telephone system enables users to use the office phones, mobile phones or any telephone connected to the public telephone network, as his own extension, allowing them to work where, when and how they want. ShoreTel’s distributed architecture has been integrated into a single hardware-based platform with no single point of failure: each switch and site is independent from the call processor. Even if there is a Wide Area Network (WAN) failure, the phone system will continue to receive calls on the public telephone network (PSTN).

Our total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis tool can show you why the VoIP phone systems offer the lowest TCO in the industry. Many customers see a return on investment within a year. In the long term, contributing to the IP phone systems reduces costs across the company by streamlining business process, putting important information at hand, and remove both missed calls, and the need for expensive third-party conference services.