How to End Frustration Over Tiny Ink Cartridges

Frustration over the expense and short lives of tiny inkjet printer cartridges can make even the most easy-going person downright livid. How frustrating to spend so much money on something that lasts for such a short amount of time! But there is a solution to this problem: continuous ink supply systems, or CISS for short.

With continuous ink supply systems, you purchase large ink bottles that feed directly into ink cartridges so that they are always optimally filled. Not only can you print that important paper for school or work without worrying about it fading out and sending you to the store for another cartridge, you can print large batches of text or graphics, knowing you’ll have plenty of ink. And since the ink continuously feeds into the cartridges and keeps the ink levels steady, you can be sure that the 20th copy will look just as good as the first.

Once you set up a CISS with your printer, you can save up to 95% on printing costs for inkjet printers such as those made by Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP while at the same time getting brilliant colors and crisp text, for documents, photos, and graphics you’ll be pleased to present to your customers, clients, teachers, and business contacts.

As for the inks themselves, you may choose from dye-based inks or pigmented inks. Dye-based inks dissolve in water and are the standard for inkjet printers. However, if water gets on the printed page, dye-based inks can run. While dye-based inks used to have a reputation for fading quickly, newer formulations are more resistant to fading. Dye-based inks tend to look more vibrant on the page, and generally make text look its best.

Pigmented inks do not dissolve completely. They settle into the fibers that make up the paper, sticking to the fibers as they dry. This makes pigmented inks more water-resistant than dye-based inks. Sunlight and chemicals have a harder time interacting with pigmented inks, so they resist fading better than dye-based inks. Special pigmented inks are available specifically for making archival quality prints that will not noticeably fade for up to decades when properly protected.

CISS kits basically consist of ink tanks, cartridges, and the tube pipelines connecting the two. Setting up the first time begins with establishing the proper air balance in the ink tanks. This is simply a matter of positioning them properly for a few minutes to allow ink to flow out of the air chamber. The setup process is barely any more difficult than changing out ink cartridges with a traditional ink cartridge system. And once it’s set up, you’ll be able to print for a long, long time without interruption.

Australians and New Zealanders used to have a difficult time finding continuous ink supply systems at reasonable prices, but now with Australia-based suppliers, customers can find CISS products at low prices in Australia and New Zealand. Now it is easy and cost-effective to kick the expensive ink cartridge habit and increase the convenience of printing, because the CISS Australia and New Zealand has been waiting for is finally available. There’s simply no reason to put up with the frustration of small, expensive ink cartridges any longer.