An Overview Of The Main Specifications Of The Xerox 4510 Printer

The Xerox 4510 Printer is a laser type of office equipment that can yield monochrome printouts. Ideal for a busy environment, interfaces present allow for easy connection to a computer or network with a max of 25 users. It has features which can handle both regular and special printing jobs. With speedy processor, large media handling capability and management tools available, even heavy output volume can be met on time especially when coupled with Xerox 4510 Toner.

Contained in it is a hard-working processor with a 533MHz speed. This enables the machine to produce up to 45 monochrome pages each minute. To finish your everyday office tasks right away, the first page takes only 8 seconds. Aside from being fast, it’s also powerful to carry out a demanding workload. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer has set its monthly volume cycle to 250000 pages.

Input media handling capacity is rated at 700 sheets. But by attaching optional paper cassettes, that capacity can be raised to a max of 1800 media sheets. Speaking of media, there are numerous types of it which can be handled. They include ordinary paper, recycled, coated, cards, labels, envelopes, transparencies and others. Compatible media sizes include those from 3.0″ x 5.0″ to as large as 8.5″ x 14.0″.

For ease of installation to a single computer or even a network, there are multiple interfaces present. There’s a hi-speed USB 2.0 and an IEEE-1284 parallel port for using the machine with a computer. For being shared in a network with as many as 25 users, there’s the Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX card. Save your workplace from those unsightly cables by simply purchasing and installing a wireless network adaptor (IEEE-802.11).

What sets the 4510 apart from most other similar machines out there is its capability to meet certain printing tasks. For instance, printing edge-to-edge or full-bleed is possible. It can also carry out production of booklets, posters, watermarks, mirror images and negative images. Xerox knows that time is gold, especially in an office setup. That’s why there’s the Load While Run function, which allows you to reload paper even while the printer is running.

There’s an assortment of device management tools available on this monochrome laser printer. Xerox CentreWare Internet Services Embedded Web Server lets you do troubleshooting online as well as order supplies. Xerox PrintingScout is an indispensable tool when the machine is used within a network. Such enables you to see machine usage and job status for effective management of printing costs.

A standard 128MB memory comes bundled with the package. But it may be expanded to as large as 512MB for handling of more complicated and large-sized printing chores. Included language emulations are PCL 6, PCL 5e and Adobe PostScript 3. Included typefaces are 81 PCLfonts and 139 Adobe PostScript fonts. Large buttons and LCD screen grace the top panel, making sure that machine operation is hassle-free.