Planning Ahead With Data Recovery Solutions

Computers are wonderful devices. They have managed to make our lives simpler, easier and more efficient. However, they do seem to have one major flaw, since they have been created by humans and we are fallible, computers too are fallible and prone to breaking. This is exactly why it is vital that you have an efficient data recovery system in place.

After spending several years working for a variety of computer support companies I can tell you that one of the biggest problems we ever faced was data recovery. Clients tend to get a bit edgy when they lose their data and can’t work. Whenever we took on a new client the first thing that we would do was to investigate their data recovery procedure and then we would usually modify and improve this.

More often than not we would find out that the customer didn’t have any data recovery procedure in place or if they did they were usually backing up the wrong files. As an IT engineer there is nothing more frustrating than finding out that you are missing the required files as it generally leads to a rather frosty and hostile chat with the client.

Over the years I have been placed in situations where we have had to inform the client that the work they had previously created had been lost. Usually once we had investigated why the data had been lost we found that it was down to a problem with the backup media and more specifically that they hadn’t placed any media in the backup device.

You can have the best backup solution in the world, but if you fail to put the media in the device to perform the backup then it will be rendered completely useless. That had to be the most embarrassing scenario ever for me as an IT engineer, a manager strolled in confidently to the server room and handed me a backup tape which he thought would recover the company’s data to the previous night. I took no pleasure at all and felt quite embarrassed to inform him that the data on the tape was actually one week out of date. It later turned out that the employee tasked with performing the backup had skipped out of the office early and completely forgot about the backup.

I’m pleased to say that the individual didn’t lose their job over this terrible blunder. However, they did receive a substantial warning and they were also forced to re-input the missing data into the system in their spare time. Make sure you have adequate backup solutions in 2010.