Hard Drive Platters Damaged

Platters could also be called the memory of the hard disk. These are where all the data of a computer system is stored. Any information that is saved to a hard disk, is written to the platters by the read-write heads. The platters are spun using the shaft motor while the head assembly helps position the heads over the exact place where the data is to be written. But, these platters are very delicate and even a slight scratch on the platter can prove problematic as your data gets inaccessible. At such times, if there is no back-up available, you should take the hard drive to a company that provides hard drive recovery services.

Consider this situation – Suppose, One fine day you may find that your computer does not start up. The drive attempts to start (CPU lights turn on, you can hear the platters spinning, etc), but it fails to do so and then shuts off. Even after removing the hard drive, and attaching it to another system, you still can not access the data stored on it.

This would surprise anyone who becomes the victim of such an unusual behavior of the system. But, the one thing that is recommended is to stay calm and look for the cause of the problem and to find an appropriate solution for the same.


The hard drive platters are damaged. When the platters get damaged, the computer fails to read any data from it. Therefore, even when you shift the drive to another computer, the damaged platters still cannot be read from. There are two main reasons behind why a platter gets damaged:

The read-write heads may scratch the platters

Media Surface Contamination (dust particles scratch the sensitive platter surface)


The damaged platter should not be re-used. That is because chances are that when the platter is re-used, the scratches on it may increase. Instead, the drive should be sent to a company that provides hard drive recovery services. They have experts for Data Recovery from the damaged platters. This is done under the sterilized surroundings of Clean Rooms because the internal components of the hard drive are sensitive and should only be treated in controlled environments such as Clean Rooms.

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