Backup File – Useful Knowledge About Backup File You Cannot Miss

Backup file, have you ever heard of it? If your computer once goes wrong, you should not be strange with it. System goes crash or freezes up, though it is the last thing for all the users to see, it still comes up once at least. In such condition, will you choose to reinstall system or any other methods?

To reinstall system is a thorough but tedious process is it? So, to use space files should be your first and best choice. Here is some useful knowledge about backup file you cannot miss.

Why it is a must to back up Windows XP?

Although Windows XP is quite popular by its powerful functions and friendly operating interface, it cannot deny that this system is still vulnerable to virus from Internet, malfunction of hardware and software and mistakes of users themselves. As a result, most users have to face a problem to restore system when system is destroyed seriously even cannot work normally.

Since many Windows-based operating systems have provided the function of backing up system files, it is quite convenient to back up and restore files without using other software. However, as is known to all that, it really takes up time and disk space to do that.

And as Windows XP is really a bulk, you should not add too many programs to the partition where also restore system. In order to increase available disk space, you need to clean such backup files very well. Besides, it is better to backup files immediately after reinstalling system.

However there are still some problems you have to face. Every time you back up file after reinstalling system, there must be a large number of spare files in your system if you do that several times. It is another headache as long as you want a thoroughly clean system. The more you use spare files, the more junk and duplicate files in the system without question. What is worse, it is tedious and difficult to find those duplicate backup files in the system.