What New Features Will iOS7 Have?

What has happened to Apple? With Steve Jobs gone will it survive? The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took this place in June and we all eagerly awaited great news… After all, Apple is the leading trendsetter right?

Finally our wait has paid off. iOS7 is due out fall of 2013. The main differences are the security features as well as a new and improved operating system. Some of the new features are as follows:

Auto update – Apple has always been known for its ability to fight off malicious malware and now it is able to update silently and automatically. This is an important function since in the past coders were able to trick users with update notifications and having them download malicious malware.

Activation Lock – Stolen devices were a large concern for users. The new activation lock prevents theirs from wiping the device clean or deactivating the find my iPhone feature. The iPhone will stay in Lost mode when you lose your phone and are forced to remote wipe it.

Safari’s “Do Not Track” -This allows users to request that servers not track them – nice to have.

Per app VPN control – A VPN feature will be offered in the upcoming IOS7. The apps will configure automatically to a VPN once opened. This is nice since the data for the app will be transferred whereas other data will not.

Key chains – Thank goodness for this feature!! Password management in iCloud that will create secure passwords. Synchronization across devices is allowed for not only passwords but other confidential data. I don’t know about you but my password management is less than optimal. Will this be better? We shall see. I feel as if I waste more time here than anywhere. Yes it is important, I got that, but make it easier for the user!

Improved mail- Seriously? I hope so, I have tried more and more mail clients on my Mac and still never found the right one to work well with my Mac. This will allow Microsoft Exchange 2010 users to sync notes with Outlook on their Mac or PC.

Caching Server supports iOS7. This results in faster download speeds. Updates and purchased content will be cached on a local Mac server. This will increase download speeds but double the amount.

Audio-only: FaceTime calls. This be a built-in VoIP and allow free long distance and international calls. You will be able to voice chat over Wi-Fi without a phone plan. I am sure Verizon and Att&t will not be pleased.

Inclinometer: Previous versions of iOS brought software support for the gyroscope and accelerometer; now it looks like iOS 7 will get the latest in 3D space-tracking technology: an inclinometer. Not sure if I will use this!

Call blocking: iOS 7 will have the ability to block phone numbers and email addresses.

Siri updated: Siri will be updated in many ways. She will be able to answer more questions and complete more complex tasks such as a full twitter integration and system service options. I personally never use Siri… we don’t get along.

Improved notification sync and natural language: IOS 7 will sync all of your devices and in addition it will present your daily activities in natural language. Kinda like having Siri tell you your day ahead.

Faster: Caching Server supports iOS7. This results in faster download speeds. Updates and purchased content will be cached on a local Mac server. This will increase download speeds double the amount.

Auto updates for apps: With OS7 you will not need to manually update your apps. They will automatically update.

Developer APIs: There will be 1500 new developer APYs in iOS7.

60fps video: The new video will supposedly shoot at 60 frames per second.