Three Considerations When Procuring Used Phone Systems

In today’s not so stable economy, you have to do all the sacrifices you can to keep your business alive and kicking. Among the most common sacrifices business owners do is cutting down cost.

Reducing company expenditures is something that all fledgling entrepreneurs do in order to save their business. Most of the time, employees are the ones affected by this preventive measure. However, there are many other areas that businessmen can put their focus into. And one of them is their communications system.

Unknown to most company proprietors, they can actually save a lot if they choose to make use of used phone systems. It is way cheaper as compared to procuring new ones. And the great thing about them is that they offer almost the same quality as brand new handsets. But then, one must be really careful with his selection as not every seller of secondhand phone systems can be trusted.

As mentioned above, the market is filled with used phone systems sellers. In fact, you can find one anywhere. On the Internet, there are eBay shops. In case you don’t trust these stores, you can also opt to do business with liquidating shops that sell the stuff of firms that weren’t lucky enough to survive the economic crisis. There are also communications manufacturer that supplies a wide array of secondhand business handsets. You can pick from these overflowing selections but remember to be wary.

To guide businessmen, experts share three factors that one should look for in a used phone system:


New updates are released every now and then and this is one of the drawbacks entrepreneurs need to contend with when they opt to employ secondhand business phone systems. Hence, it is imperative to pick one that can be upgraded to the latest technology available so your business can keep up with firms using the most up-to-date phone systems.

In addition, your used handset should have the basic call features like auto attendant, VoIP solutions, volume control, on-hold messaging, as well as easy expansion. These functions will greatly help you, especially if you get huge quantity of calls.


Pick a seller that can offer you a minimum of one-year warranty. Even though your handset is not brand new, it is entitled to receive replacement or repairs. Furthermore, a reliable seller will not be afraid to give guarantee as he knows his products are of top quality.

Support System

Although your used handset is already proven to be working, there will still be instances when you will need technical assistance. Therefore, you should also ask your provider if they furnish skilled technicians that would fix and maintain the condition of your business phone systems.