Don’t Ignore Eye Strain Due To Computer Use

Look At The Data

Up to 93% of all computer users will experience symptoms of eye strain from computers according to Optometric Association estimates. Nearly everyone that uses a computer for as little as 2 hours a day will notice some of these symptoms sooner or later. So we are talking about almost every man, woman, and child in the country.

15 years ago the Internet didn’t exist for most of us; Windows 95 had not been released.

10 years ago Google was unknown; wireless connectivity did not exist; AOL was the biggest internet company

6 years ago there was no iPhone, no Kindle, and 91% of children from age 3 through 12th grade used computers.

The journal Computers in Human Behavior recently published a paper titled “Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): a widely spreading but largely unknown epidemic among professional and ordinary computer users”.

In 20 years we have gone from a printed to a pixellated mode of getting and receiving information. From print to computer screens, Blackberries, texting, Kindles, other digital handheld devices. Our eyes, naturally, are struggling to keep pace with these new and different demands.

Reading digitally IS different from reading print. Pixels are brighter in the middle and fuzzier at the edges, print is like a solid line to the eyes. It’s a whole new visual ball game. This constant flexing is what causes eye strain from computers. It’s not surprising as most of us have only started working with computers in the last 15 years.

The name for this new malady is CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).

CVS Symptoms Include:

– Headaches – ranging from minor annoyances to full-blown migraines

– Dry eyes

– Fatigue

– Vision problems

– Back and neck pain

How to Reduce Eye Strain From Computers?

Well, there are a range of things you can do but to cut to the chase – get digital eyewear. It works and you will use it. The rest of the methods are hit and miss.

DON’T trust the fate of your eyes to something Computer eye strain glasses two guys dreamed up in a shed outside Chengdu and mass produced for pennies. Think about it. You want technology you can trust.

Don’t mess about with your eyes. They have a whole new world of stress to get used to. And it’s growing all the time.

Get yourself digital eyewear from people that know what they are on about, people that invent technologies to deal with the issue, people that are OCD about this.

Most of us spend 4 TIMES as many hours in front of digital screens than we do in sunlight. Protect your eyes!

What Results Can You Expect From Wearing Digital Eyewear?

– An increase in visual resolution

– An increase in contrast

– Sharper, clearer vision

– A reduction in glare and reflective light

– A decrease in eye fatigue

– Higher humidity levels surrounding the eyes

– A reduction in the effects related to dry eyes

– An increase in effectiveness, productivity and performance