StarCraft 2 Online Tactics

Now that StarCraft 2 has hit the market and asserted itself as one of the most popular online computer games, there are millions of players logging on every day to play. To keep well ahead of the vast majority of this competition, consider these three top StarCraft 2 online tactics.

First off, focus on one race out of all three and spend your time learning everything there is to know about them. Not only will you develop motor skills specifically for that race and get acquainted with the basic terminology and names of their buildings and units and strategies associated with them, you’ll gain experience with the bill orders associated with most efficiently and quickly getting those units and buildings out on the field.

Secondly, be sure to scout whenever possible so that you can not only learn your opponent’s location but their whereabouts in terms of what kind of attacks they might be planning. A lot of attacks are much easier to handle and defend against when you know they are coming ahead of time.

Lastly, consult an online-based StarCraft 2 online tactics guide to keep on top of up-to-date StarCraft 2 online tactics as written and discovered by elite top level players of the game. Unlike guides which are sold in stores, you are again able to be kept on top of real-time strategies as they become available, and plus the official guide is more suited for campaign mode play as opposed to multiplayer or online play modes.