Final Fantasy 14 Strategy Guide – Great Strategies That Will Help You To Easily Master FF XIV

Looking for a quick Final Fantasy 14 strategy guide to help you with leveling? A lot of people have been learning that leveling is actually quite strategic, and using a few tips you can substantially decrease the time it takes to power level through the game. Here are a couple of tips you can take with you today, so let’s get into it.

Finding a Good Spot to Level Up Will Help

When you’re about to begin leveling you should find an area that isn’t overrun with other players. Also, you should try and find quest hubs which give you a lot of quests for related areas. This will make sure that you can rapidly accept and complete quests and move on to the next ones without wasting too much time in between. Finally, a good questing spot should have a dense amount of animals and mobs that you need for quests – or other stuff for leveling such as grinding.

Focus on One Area at A Time

The biggest mistake I’ve seen from people who haven’t used a Final Fantasy 14 strategy guide is that they accept quests from all over at once, and try to do them in the order that they see them. This is terrible for your leveling because you really don’t want to be running around turning in quests in other parts of the world until it’s absolutely necessary. To avoid this just accept quests from one area, then knock them all out, and then move on to the next area. You’ll save a substantial amount of time by taking this approach, trust me.

Use A Leveling Guide to Help

Some games, and most games, including Final Fantasy XIV, have leveling guides that you can use. If you haven’t seen them already I suggest you get one and try it out, because I think you’ll really benefit from having step by step directions for each quest. Either way, you’ll figure it out

Using A Step by Step Final Fantasy 14 Strategy Guide To Learn The Best Strategies For Dominating The Game

It’s highly recommended that if you want to learn the best strategies for dominating the game, that you use a step by step guide created by pro players that will help you to easily start becoming a pro player too.